The spread of the coronavirus represents an unprecedented situation. The Albertson Water District has been proactive in addressing the situation and in adhering to the conditions of the existing state of emergency for the public well-being.

Important Points

  1. The coronavirus is not waterborne.
  2. Your water supply is safe to use in all ways.
  3. Water flow, water pressure and water services are not affected or interrupted by this crisis.
  4. There is no need to stockpile bottled water.

Restricted Access

In an abundance of caution, the Albertson Water District office at 184 Shepherd Lane, Roslyn Heights, is closed to the public until further notice as we adjust to changing circumstances.

Similarly, Albertson Water District personnel will not ask for entrance to any home unless an emergency condition exists.

Paying Water Bills

Water bill payment by mail will be received as under normal conditions.

Drop Box

Check payments for water bills can be left at any time in our drop box. If you have questions or concerns, please call us during normal business hours at (516) 621-3610.

For the Public Good

It is imperative to obey good hygiene practices. Please refer to the information and health messages from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at

We appreciate your cooperation in dealing with this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.


The Board of Water Commissioners
Albertson Water District