About Us

For over a century the Albertson Water District (AWD) has had the honor supplying Mother Nature’s finest water to generations of residents.  While there is no way to tally the number of gallons we have pumped for consumption, general usage and firefighting since 1917,  it is important to know that our daily capacity is over 7,000,000 gallons per day. We also regularly reserve over 3.5 million gallons of water in two ground storage tanks and one elevated storage tank. Our distribution system includes approximately 50 miles of water mains and some 450 fire hydrants, and our dedicated crew of professionals does a phenomenal job of preventive and scheduled maintenance, day in day out, 24/7/365.

Commissioner Edward W. Scott III

Edward W. Scott has been an Albertson Water District resident since 1994 and a Commissioner since 2021. “I wanted to be part of a small, vibrant community,” stated the former NYPD officer who is now retired and owner/operator of a small business. Commissioner Scott has also served as President of Albertson Square Civic Association and a member since 2000. The organization is responsible for certain beautification projects and Commissioner Scott directed the modernization of the organization.

In describing his objectives as AWD Water Commissioner, he said “as a civic leader I felt a responsibility to become more involved in our great community, reduce and control costs wherever possible, and get a better understanding of the role that local government can play for the betterment of Albertson residents. I’m especially pleased to complete the refurbishment of Well #1.”

Commissioner Janell Giordano

Commissioner Janell Giordano has been a resident within the Albertson Water District since 1973.  Ms. Giordano graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and Adelphi University with a Master’s degree in Healthcare Informatics.  She currently works at Douglas Elliman in Real Estate Sales.  Ms. Giordano felt that she wanted to serve her community on a local level.

District Superintendent Rudolph Henriksen

Albertson born and raised, Superintendent Henriksen began his career in water service at the Albertson Water District in 1970. Starting as a laborer, he rose rapidly through the ranks, mastering the positions and receiving New York State Dept. of Health and Nassau County Dept. of Health certifications for Grade D Water Service Man, Grade II B Water Plant Operator, and Grade I B Water Plant Operator. Requirements for certification include specific years of employment, CEU training hours as well as Civil Service testing. After serving as Assistant Superintendent, Rudy became the Superintendent of the Albertson Water District in 1988.

Superintendent Henriksen commented, “in all my years at the Albertson Water District I have seen numerous changes in the community as well increasingly stringent requirements for potable public water. While some view this as becoming more difficult, I regard it as becoming more challenging. With the help of my team of employees and professional staff I look forward to meeting and exceeding the challenges that the AWD faces today, and in the future.

The Team that Brings the Water To You